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Participation in the Salon of French artists. The Salon of the Society of French Artists exhibits 650 French and foreign artists on her chair rails in the Grand Palais, as part of Art Capital. Artists are selected by a jury elected by the members among the gold medalists artists through an application and adoption of a single project entitled expose. This Year I exposed a work named "L' immigration de 1892 jusque a aujourd’hui". (for details see migration-immigration) History of the Salon of French artists. In 1667 according to the wish of Louis XIV, the Royal Academy is organizing an exhibition of its members in the Louvre Palace. The Society of French Artists, direct heir of this show created by Colbert for the King, went through all eras: royalty, empires, revolutions, wars, resulting in her biggest names wake of artists that have marked the last centuries: Delacroix, Ingres, Manet, Rodin, Claudel, Bartholdi, Dufy, Picabia, among others, were members, of the Society. In 1881, it took its current name of Society of French Artists. The state delegated the task of organizing an annual exhibition of Fine Arts and the charge to administer itself.
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