Cristi crux est mea lux

About Christos

Membre associé de La Société des artistes français
Christos began to paint early in life. In his teen age he was a good draftsman and according to his professor suggestion chose to become architect. In 1962 he followed painting lessons from Kostis Iliadis, well known artist in Greece as well as in Paris the period of 1930 to 1933. In the faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Athens he was educated free hand drawing and perspective by the professor Takis Marthas, and sculpture from the wide known Lazaros Lameras (1913-1998)
Christos paintings are inspired from natural, and metaphysical landscapes , expressions in everyday human social, economic and technological problems, as well in fears, hopes and emotions that human beings experience every moment of their life. His first international exhibition of his painting works, took place in 1975 Chicago USA and in 1976 in Vancouver, Canada (Habitat I), and was based in Kostantinos Doxiadis idea for the Future city for 2121 in Doxiadis’ book “Entopia”. Christos’ paintings illustrate the evolution of human settlements from the pre-historic times through the industrial revolution towards the year 2121. He also illustrated the dwelling and city drawings for the “ideal city” of the future.

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